Es una cosa espanol: Audge y Al extranjero

Thanksgiving was a success! We fed about 20 people and had at least 14 people sleeping in our piso on Saturday night! This is a little video Allie and MD made… pictures from the weekend on facebook soon!! Adios! — A&A

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This is a video I made with the kids from my school! Hopefully you can get a feel of my school! Enjoy


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   So we´ve been a little slack on the blog lately! Sorry guys! Its just been kinda busy/ we´re really lazy. So a lot has been going on. Halloween was crazy at both of our schools. At my school (Al), we taught our 5th and 6th graders the thriller dance and they performed it in front of all of the rest of the grades. We also had a halloween carnival where we had a mummy wrap up contest, 3 legged race, trash bag race, pin the skull on the skeleton, and musical pumpkins. The kids loved it!

   On the Friday before Halloween, Mary Duncan, Allie, Sarah and I left for the Canary Islands. We stayed in a nice little hotel that was about a 5 minute walk from the beach. While we were there we went on a dolphin and whale tour, and also a tour of the whole island where we got to see the volcano and several really cool cities! We had an awesome long weekend and came home more tired than when we left.  Now I’m going to let Audge tell you about her weekend.

While the roomies went to Canary Islands, I decided to spend the long weekend in Madrid. The weather was perfect and the leaves were beautiful! I traveled with some friends who I met in Sevilla, and we stayed with our friend Keally. We did some sight seeing with everyone Friday and had lunch at a Texas themed burger place. Of course Kristen and Keally who are from Texas would want to go there. The manager loved us and we took a picture in front of the restaurant to hang on the wall. Keally took us to some great tapas restaurants and we met all of her Spanish friends through out the weekend. She was a great host! Sunday, Keally and I met up with Alex, his sister Clara and their Dad. (For anyone who doesn’t know, Alex was the Spanish boy who lived with us this summer. He is From Madrid.) Alex’s dad was thrilled to show us the city, and he took us to a great look-out point of the city. He definitely went out of his way to make us feel at home!

-Check out our pics on facebook! Adios


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So we finally got the key to our mailbox. We will be accepting donations and any or all of the following: Chic-fil-sandwiches, terrapin beer, buffalo sauce, ranch dressing, Skittles, etc.. Kidding.. kinda. But seriously, we’d love to hear from you guys! - A&A 

Plaza del Moreno 1 5-1 

14001 Cordoba, Cordoba 


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Seriously though. It has only rained one time. 

Sorry, Audge and I have been a little MIA lately. With the first two weeks of school out of the way, I think we might be able to get on a normal schedule here. So here’s what we’ve been up to in a short summary: 

1. School —> Our schools are great, but the kids aren’t very well behaved and most of the time the literally have no idea what we’re saying. We’re getting the hang of it though. No pasa nada. 

2. Barcelona —> The weekend before last, a group of about 10-12 of us headed to Barcelona. We had hostel reservations, sensation white tickets (insane rave where everyone wears white — see video in previous post), and high hopes for a ridiculous weekend. Barcelona did not disappoint. We left with a lot less money, clothes that were no longer white, and down one iPhone (Rob was tricked by the little kids asking for donations in McDonalds). 

3. Cordoba —> Another week down… these kids are crazy! Kristin and Amanda came in town and also, my good friend from home Dylan Wood stopped in. We had a chill/fun weekend and started planning our next adventure in Spain. The next destination… The Canary Islands! Super pumped about this!! 

4. Coming up next —> This weekend, we’re celebrating Audge’s b’day and then the next we are headed to the islands! Good things to come! 

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Adventures in Barca — Video by Allie Barlow

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First day of school!! We finally found a great apartment and we’re ready to start our new jobs as professoras de ingles! Wish us luck! — A&A

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